The Museum

Museums – the keepers of secrets

It is no different at the Sorbian Museum of Local History in Dissen/Dešno. We invite you to discover secrets with us.

Do you know who the Sorbs/Wends are and where they come from? What are their customs and which of the more than 60 traditional costumes do they wear for which occasion? Why does the bridesmaid change her clothes three times on the day of her wedding? Why is black not the colour of mourning? Why do people turn blue on Monday and what does that have to do with blueprinting? Did you know that straw can be spun into "gold" after all? Are you curious about us now?

Then come and visit us. You are guaranteed to get an answer to these and many other questions about the life of the Sorbian/Wendish farmers in an individual guided tour of the local history museum. In eight rooms, we present lively scenes of work, everyday life and celebrations with the extremely rich customs of the Sorbs/Wends.

What treasures are hidden in the Dissen half-timbered church? Learn about the many special features of this building on one of the guided tours of the church.

In the pre-Easter period, you can discover the secrets of decorating Sorbian Easter eggs for yourself. In workshops, we offer you the opportunity to try out the wax reserve technique.

Welcome to the Museum of Local History in Dissen! Witajśo k nam do Dešna!